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Back to Ireland as blog reaches seventh anniversary

This month marks the blog’s seventh anniversary, which is a good opportunity to thank readers for their interest in my work. I am grateful to my email subscribers; people who have written to me about the content; and those who help share it on social media. I’m also grateful to the archivists, librarians, and historians who have guided me along the way.

Please explore the site, including this year’s centennial project on American reporting of Irish independence in 1919; and earlier work such as Nora’s Sorrow and Ireland Under Coercion, Revisited, which each deal with the Land War period of the 1880s.

Other highlights include my St. Patrick Churches feature; Links and Places to Visit pages; and monthly and annual roundups.

My wife, Angie Drobnic Holan, has lovingly contributed to this effort as editor and webmaster. She and I will be traveling in Ireland and Northern Ireland over the next two weeks, and we will post words and images about the island’s natural beauty and contemporary culture.

Further ahead, I’ve been asked to present my Irish-related research at the American Journalism Historians Association‘s annual conference in Dallas; and the Newspaper and Periodical History Forum of Ireland annual conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Details coming this fall.

For now, thanks again for supporting the blog, and watch for our posts from Ireland. MH

Angie and I at the Marian Year, 1954, shrine in Lahardan townland, County Kerry, in 2012. My grandfather was a born near this hillside holy well in 1894.

Kerrygold, Cashel Blue and a cheesy love note from Texas

My lovely wife, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Angie Drobnic Holan, is the unofficial editor and webmaster of my Irish-American blog.

She is also the baker of delicious third-generation Irish-American soda bread, perfecting the recipe brought here in 1912 by my Kerry-born grandmother and adapted to U.S. kitchens and ingredients by my Pittsburgh-born mother. Angie and I love to slather Kerrygold butter on fresh, warm slices.


Today while visiting an Austin grocery story another Kerrygold product caught Angie’s eye: Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheese. We both love cheese. She snapped a picture with her iPhone and emailed it to me as a love note, insisting that I write a blog post.

Done, my love, with an additional image from the company website. Safe home soon.