I have a deep sentimental attachment to churches named to honor Saint Patrick, the legendary patron of Ireland. While I welcome the opportunity to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist–or just pray– in any church, the holy spaces dedicated to Patrick are special to me. It doesn’t matter if they are grand cathedrals such as those in New York and Dublin, or more humble worship spaces, such as Old St. Patrick’s in Pittsburgh — my personal favorite — which I’ve been visiting since the 1970s.

A new St. Patrick statue was dedicated 13 October 2018, at the Monastery Garden outside Old St. Patrick’s Church in Pittsburgh.

Readers are welcome to send photos and links of other St. Patrick’s churches around the world. Churches are listed in alphabetical order by city. Those that I have written about are marked with an asterisk* , others are linked to church and history websites. See more images below.

St. Patrick’s Church, Rome, April 2017. Mosaic of the saint below Celtic cross and above the door. Papal coat of arms at right.

St. Patrick's in New Orleans

St. Patrick’s in New Orleans, November 2015.

St. Patrick's ruin in Wexford town.

St. Patrick’s ruin in Wexford town, Ireland, July 2016.