Guest contributions are welcome from journalists, historians, authors, researchers, and travelers to Ireland. Submissions are generally from 500 to 1,000 words, with an accompanying photo or grapic. Use the contact form below, or message me on Twitter at .

Guest posts from most recent:

‘Crowdfunding the Revolution’ in Ireland: Patrick O’Sullivan Greene is an activist shareholder and award-winning equity analyst, December 2020.

The Fall of the Fitzmaurices: County Kerry native Kay Caball is a professional genealogist and author, November 2020

Irish-American isolationism and Irish internationalism: Dr. Michael Doorley, associate lecturer in History at the Open University in Ireland, September 2020.

The slow death of the Freeman’s Journal: Historian Felix M. Larkin, co-founder of the Newspaper and Periodical History Forum of Ireland, October 2019.

A touching surprise at The Mansion House: Sister Cathy Cahill, OSF, Florida-based retreat leader and frequent traveler to Ireland, April 2019.

‘Milkman’ is dark, grim & terrifically funny: Angie Drobic Holan, editor-in-chief of and my lovely and supportive spouse, April 2019.

Frank Sinatra at Kate’s Bar, Derry: Victor A. Walsh, a retired California State Parks historian who has written frequently about Ireland and Irish America, and author Dick Davis, November 2017.

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