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Belfast Telegraph
Irish America Magazine
Irish Independent
Online Irish Newspapers
PolitiFact (& Angie Drobnic Holan)
The Irish Times
The Irish Catholic


All-Ireland Registrar General Annual Reports, 1887-1921
American Irish Historical Society/Library
Archives of Irish America/NYU
BBC: Home Rule to Independence
Bureau of Military History, 1913-1921
CAIN: Conflict and Politics in Northern Ireland, University of Ulster
Census of Ireland, 1901, 1911 and more
Charles Stuart Parnell and Land Reform (multiple links)
Decade of Centenaries
Decade of Centenaries, Ulster 1885-1925
Dept. of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs (Republic)
Easter Rising 1916
Historic Pittsburgh
History Ireland
Irish American Resources at Library of Congress
Irish in the American Civil War
Irish Archives Resource
Irish Diaspora Histories Network
Irish Famine Eviction Project
Irish Famine Exhibition (2020)
Land and Tenant Issues (Mayo focused)
Lartigue Monorail
Letters of 1916
NUI Galway/Digitized archive (1901 atlas, Balfour album, etc.)
Ordinance Survey Ireland/historic maps
PRONI: Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
Revolutionary Irish-America, 1913-1923
RTE/Reflecting the Rising
Stories from 1916
The 1916 Rising (NLI)
The Irish Story
The Irish Times/Remembering the 1916 Rising
The Irish Times/The Revolutionary Files


American Chamber of Commerce Ireland
Irish Heritage in Boston (Additional links)
Catholic Newspapers Online
Glucksman Ireland House/NYU
Irish American History & Heritage (Smithsonian Museum)
Irish American Newspapers Online (Index from Townland of Origin) (Church & Civil record search)
Irish Genealogical Research Society
Kerry Library Local History & Archive
My Kerry Ancestors
OneIrishRover (Northern Ireland)
SWilson.Info (Historic maps, genealogy & more)
The School’s Collection (National Folklore Collection)
TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Research Association)
Townland of Origin
UCD/Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (Multiple collections)
UCD/National Folklore Collection
U.S. Census, 1790-2000

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