Google reports that searches of the word “malarkey” soared after Vice President Joe Biden used the term in his debate with Congressman Paul Ryan.

“With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey,” Biden said after Ryan suggested the administration’s foreign policy “projects weakness.”

The term resurfaced a few minutes later. Here’s the exchange, taken from CNN’s transcript:

BIDEN: This is a bunch of stuff. Look, here’s the deal.

[Debate Moderator Martha] RADDATZ: What does that mean, a bunch of stuff?

BIDEN: Well, it means it’s simply inaccurate.

RYAN: It’s Irish.

BIDEN: It – it is.


We Irish call it malarkey.

RADDATZ: Thanks for the translation.

On a more serious note, the two Catholic politicians were asked how their faith influences their views on abortion. Their answers reflect not only that hot-button issue, but also Catholic social doctrine and church-related lawsuits over Obamacare.

Search the word “Catholic” in the transcript to read their full reply.