‘Shadow Dancer’ joins roster of films about The Troubles

The New York Times and other media outlets are out with reviews of “Shadow Dancer,” a new film set in The Troubles of 1970s Northern Ireland. Here’s a link to the trailer. The Times writes:

The last 30 years has seen the rise of ambitious stories made before and after the historic Good Friday peace accords of 1998. Many share an urgent desire to set the historical record straight and even undertake a kind of cathartic re-creation.

The piece does a good job of listing other movies in the genre, including “Patriot Games,” “Blown Away,” “Elephant,” “Hunger” and “In the Name of the Father.” My brother Matt correctly points out the Times review neglects to mention “The Devil’s Own,” staring Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford.

Let’s us know of any other films to add to the list.


One thought on “‘Shadow Dancer’ joins roster of films about The Troubles

  1. jean kaniecki

    I thought of the title at 3 AM. (That’s when old people are alert!!!)You are correct-“Everlasting Piece’. Have to caution though the Belfast accent is very difficult to understand and some may have to watch more than once .. I could watch the scene where they are stopped by the IRA a hundred times and still laugh but one has to listen carefully. I will say a prayer for Willie at St Mary’s tonight

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