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Bicycling in Ireland

UPDATE: In The New York Times story linked below, the writer stops at a pub and asks where she can lock up her bike. “No one ever takes bikes here,” says the Mayo publican. But Radio Kerry reports there is a growing problem with bike thefts in “The Kingdom.”


My lovely and talented wife Tweeted a link to this New York Times story about the Great Western Greenway in County Mayo, which we’d both love to bicycle on our next visit to Ireland.

Here’s a link to a map and information about the 42 km (26 mile) trail between Westport and Achill, plus some history about the former railroad line. This Cycle Ireland site has info on dozens of additional bike routes.

Several years ago Angie and I peddled around Innishmore on the Aran Islands. This video from Aran Bike Hire gives a good sense of it.

Below, my butt on the bike!