American reporting of Irish Independence, 1919-1922

Ireland’s War of Independence, including key events and personalities in America, made frequent headlines in U.S. daily newspapers and the Irish-American press from 1919 through 1922. This ongoing exploration of the period is focused on coverage in three of these ethnic papers: The Irish Press, a short-lived (1918-1922) Philadelphia weekly with direct political and financial ties to revolutionary Ireland; the Kentucky Irish American, published in Louisville from 1898 to 1968, and The Irish Standard, published in Minneapolis, Minn., from 1886 to 1920, which each offered more mainstream news coverage Ireland’s cause and support of the Catholic Church. Digitized collections of these papers allow links to the historical pages. The study also considers other U.S. and Irish-American newspapers, and additional resources, detailed below. 

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Covering the countess’s return to Dublin, 1919

St. Patrick’s Day in America, 1919

March madness 1919: So close, yet so far

‘Intrigue of Deception’ at Catholic University of America, 1919

First words on the 1919 Irish Race Convention

Promoting the February 1919 Irish Race Convention

Names & numbers: 1919 Irish Race Convention, Philadelphia

The Tyrone-born publisher of Philadelphia’s Irish Press

America’s Irish press reports first Dáil…and more

American press coverage of first Dáil Éireann

‘Irish American’ publisher’s Irish-American story

Two Irish-American newspapers, one epic story

Irish-American press on Sinn Féin election

U.S. press on Sinn Féin win

Pittsburgh rally for Irish freedom

House hearing on ‘The Irish Question’

The bishop & the president

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Via Library of Congress, Chronicling America.

Via Library of Congress, Chronicling America, and Univ. of Kentucky, Kentucky Digital Library.

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